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The Hughes Alumni Foundation is a nonprofit organization and we invite all alumni to be part of our funding efforts.  Our foundation is working hard to help students and families that have been affected by the COVID -19 pandemic. We strive to provide assistance to our current students that are in need of emotional assistance or financial support. We offer a number of programs that you can contribute to from our Senior Scholarship Program to our IN-Classroom Grant program for the teachers who may need assistance with classroom projects for all the students of Hughes. We are currently starting a fundraising effort to create a "Red Krueck Athletic Hall of Fame".


If you would like to donate to any of these programs we have donation options available below. Just be sure to title your donation for the program you wish to support. All donations dedicated to  student & school needs and scholarships will be used for that exact purpose,  Your tax-exemptible donation will be used responsibly and with transparency when you support the Hughes Alumni Foundation. 

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